UK to send destroyer to the shores of Ukraine

Britain for the first time since the cold war will be sent to the Black sea, the destroyer HMS Diamond. On 29 January, reported the Daily Mail.

The destroyer, equipped with the latest anti-aircraft missiles, will head to the shores of Ukraine. On Board will be up to 60 Marines.

HMS Diamond will lead a task force of NATO and help protect 650 British soldiers who take part in the «secret teachings» in Ukraine.

As expected, the arrival of the destroyer in the Black sea coincides with the deployment of British soldiers in other countries of Eastern Europe.

The British defense Secretary Michael Fallon said that the operation has a serious purpose.

«The UK sends a clear signal that we are committed to defend democracy around the world and support the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine», — he said.

Recall, from Russian aggression in Crimea, 2014, in the Black sea always visit us destroyers.

UK to send destroyer to the shores of Ukraine 30.01.2017

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