UK has to pay 65 billion euros out of the EU — media

UK to exit the EU needs to pay from 55 to 65 billion euros to cover the existing budgetary commitments.

It is reported Politico, citing a senior EU diplomat.

As noted, the majority of these funds will be spent on pensions to civil servants of the EU, not only to the British. The United Kingdom has agreed to contribute about 15% of the EU budget retired officials.

In addition, Britain will be billed for infrastructure projects throughout Europe that were agreed to during its membership. This, in particular, includes subsidies for farmers.

It should also make its contribution to the «Juncker plan» — an investment plan for projects relating to the environment, infrastructure, innovation and small business.

It is noted that Britain was one of the largest investors in the plan, but also one of the largest recipients.

«They can negotiate their share of the budget, but if they refuse to pay their share, the EU can go to the international Court,» said a senior EU diplomat.

As reported, London’s High court ruled that Prime Minister Theresa may must obtain the approval of Parliament for enforcement of article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the EU — mechanism by which a country can leave the block.

The government immediately confirmed it will appeal the decision to the Supreme court of Britain.

Prime Minister Theresa may agreed with the requirement that the Parliament should have the opportunity to discuss the government’s plans for Brexit, but noted that this should not be an attempt to block this process.

In mid-October, European Council President Donald Tusk said that the only alternative to the rigid script of the exit of Britain from the EU can only be the rejection of Brexit at all.

Recall that a referendum on British exit from the European Union took place on 23 June. According to the official results, 51.9% of Britons voted for the country’s withdrawal from the community of 48.1% – wanted to remain in the EU.

After the results of the referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation. 13 July, the British government headed by Theresa may, who said that the UK will achieve the most favorable conditions of exit from the EU.

The UK has been an EU member for 43 years.

Meanwhile, the EU leaders urged may not delay the opening of negotiations on the country’s withdrawal from the EU

We will add that according to the head of the Ministry of Finance of great Britain Philip Hammond, the British exit from the European Union, provides for the conclusion of new trade agreements that all the other 27 EU countries will have to ratify, can be delayed for a period of up to 6 years.

UK has to pay 65 billion euros out of the EU — media 17.11.2016

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