Uber has hired a NASA engineer to accelerate the development of flying cars

The company Uber, who created the eponymous mobile app to call a taxi, hired an engineer of the research center NASA Mark Moore to develop a flying car, according to Bloomberg.

Rumors that Uber is thinking about launching an unmanned aircraft appeared in September last year, shortly after the company began to test a self-governing land transfer.

It is known that Moore, who has worked in the space Agency over 30 years, in 2010 published a document which outlined the feasibility of creating an electric aircraft that could take off and land vertically like helicopters, but would be more compact and quieter. According to Bloomberg, that report at the time read Google co-founder Larry page, who then began secretly funding two startups in the development of such lethal devices.

Now Moore goes to one of the rivals of Google in the development of unmanned technology, leading in the Uber Department of aeronautical engineering. «I don’t think now there is another company with a stronger position to become the leader of the new ecosystem brought into the market city electric VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft vertical takeoff and landing — ed.)», — he commented.

Engineer, which NASA was only one year before a well-deserved retirement, said that he was disappointed in the bureaucracy of a public institution, miss, in his opinion, the promising new markets in the private aviation sector.

At Uber, according to Moore, with a vision all right. As you know, in October 2016, the company published a presentation of the project Uber Elevate, which planned to build an electric VTOL. It is planned that they will be able to overcome on a single charge, a distance of 160 km. the Company expects to launch these vehicles will be in five years, but Moore believes that this can be done before.

Uber has hired a NASA engineer to accelerate the development of flying cars 08.02.2017

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