UAZ will sell cars for the cryptocurrency

Russian automaker UAZ will sell UAZ PROS for cryptocurrency Biocoin by Russian farmers cooperative LavkaLavka, according to the website of the plant.

It is noted that the company announced the beginning of cooperation for a period of three years.

While the system and receiving bokonov work in test mode. The full launch in November 2017, when bitcoin will start to sell to investors.

The report said that all the customers of shops, restaurants and other business projects, entered into the blockchain-platform loyalty WOOP, for each purchase made at these establishments will be rewarded with bitcoin for your crypto.

«The customer receives in points the cryptocurrency that pays for her food in the shops or café. The farmer receives from the cooperative bimini on account of supply of products and buys them a car. The UAZ can use bikini in settlements with dealers, and they – with buyers who are back in our stores for groceries. Or, on the contrary, buying products from farmers and the cryptocurrency accumulating points, customers can redeem them on the car,» said founder Boris Akimov LavkaLavkа.

He added that on receipt of the cryptocurrency WOOP «has already announced more than 20 businesses and not only in Russia.»

Sales of SUV UAZ PRO should start this fall.

UAZ will sell cars for the cryptocurrency 31.08.2017

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