U.S. intelligence: the potential threat of «ISIS» really fell

Terrorist group «Islamic state» is experiencing a serious personnel reduction — in recent times the number of fighters was reduced by 20%.

About it reports Reuters with reference to the report of American intelligence for the White house.

According to the Agency, the document says that the number of fighters in Iraq and Syria has declined from 31 to 25 thousand, which was primarily due to combat losses and desertion. As a result of the IG continues to pose «a significant threat», however, the potential of the group has plummeted.

The report stated that the actions of the international coalition partners on the ground bring success. In particular, the Iraqi security forces and the militia and Syrian rebels managed to seriously weaken the position of the is, the coalition led by the United States has caused more than 10 thousand strikes on militants.

Also American scouts believe that international efforts have slowed the flow of new recruits to the middle East.

Recall that in combating the Islamic state the current leadership of the USA uses a mixed tactics (powerful strikes, the participation of special forces, trainers, and logistical support to the enemies of the Islamic state from among the moderate Syrian opposition and the Kurds) and basically avoids large-scale ground operations against its military contingent intervention like in Iraq or Afghanistan. The administration of Obama and he personally always emphasize the effectiveness of this approach, condemning ourselves to a crushing criticism from the most radical supporters of the Republican party and a debate with representatives of the us military-industrial complex, including the operational military commanders (the Minister of defence Ashton Carter, the commander of the air force Deborah Lee James).

It is worth noting that a similar tactic in warfare with the «is» adhere to the other leading members of the international coalition, in particular, France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others.

The Iraqi authorities reported about the successful operation in the provincial capital of Anbar city of Ramadi. Troops managed to dislodge the militants from the city centre, where they took refuge in administrative buildings. The return of Ramadi is a serious victory over the Islamists, because the capture of the city was for the «Islamic state» the biggest achievement in 2015.

U.S. intelligence: the potential threat of «ISIS» really fell 05.02.2016

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