U.S. intelligence: North Korea satellite failed and only «tumbles in orbit»

Sputnik «Kvanmenson-4», launched by North Korea on 7 February, completely incompetent and only «tumbles in orbit». About this American TV channel CBS has told officials in the military structures of the USA.

According to the authorities of the DPRK, the new satellite, like its predecessor «Kvanmenson-3-2», sent into orbit in 2012, is used for weather monitoring, detection of natural resources and gather information that would help farmers to improve yields. However, is it possible for the satellites to cope with these problems is another question.

Data from previous satellites were not recorded by anyone except North Korea. Signals from the new satellite as yet nobody has been able to fix — neither fans, nor experts. It is not excluded that both satellites are simply not capable of transmitting any information.

Recall, a successful start of the carrier rocket with the satellite North Korea announced on the morning of last Sunday. The satellite’s weight in South Korea was estimated at 220 kg, saying that he can’t carry any significant amount of scientific equipment, and therefore is of no value.

Western countries started to think about what the launch could be a way of developing technologies that can be used in missiles with nuclear warheads. The international community strongly condemned the rocket launch and had declared his readiness to enter against North Korea unprecedented severe sanctions.

U.S. intelligence: North Korea satellite failed and only «tumbles in orbit» 09.02.2016

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