U.S. General accused Russia of legitimizing the Taliban

Russia has recently sought to legitimize the Taliban, arguing that his participation in the fight against the terrorist group «Islamic state». This was stated by the commander of us forces in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson, speaking on the eve of a report to the U.S. Senate Committee on armed services.

According to Nicholson, the Russian involvement in the Afghan conflict this year «became more complex», writes the daily political newspaper the Hill. «First, they began publicly to legitimize the Taliban. The rhetoric that they promote, is that «Taliban» fighting with the «Islamic state» and the Afghan government is not fighting with the «Islamic state», whereby the presence of this group (IG. — Ed.) the region may become excessive. This is a false description of the situation,» said the American General.

He believes that in reality, Russia wants to counter US and NATO in Afghanistan. Also, the General expressed concern about what Iran is actively supporting the Taliban. «When we look at the actions of Russia and Iran in Afghanistan, I believe that, in particular, they are (trying) to weaken the United States and NATO,» — said Nicholson (quote via Fox News).

He called the current situation in Afghanistan is a stub. He said that to break you need to send to this country a few thousand military. Currently in Afghanistan is 8400 U.S. soldiers.

According to the commander, the Russian intervention in the Afghan conflict began in 2016 and continues to expand. In addition to the dissemination of the stereotype that the Taliban is helping in the fight against an offshoot of the Islamic state in Afghanistan, Russia also organized a series of talks about the country’s future without the participation of the Afghan government, said Nicholson.

«Afghanistan is trying to work with all its neighbours and stakeholders. They appealed to the Russian side on this issue. And we believe that the process of peace and settlement in Afghanistan should be Afghan-led,» said the General.

Having listened Nicholson, Senator from Florida bill Nelson said that the President of the United States Donald trump should know about «flirting» with Russia the Taliban. «I think we’d better notify the President of trump about it,» he stated. «Yes, sir,» concluded Nicholson.

About Russian interference in the Afghan conflict to support the Taliban to counter the US said at a meeting of the Committee and Republican Senator John McCain. «Russia currently interfere in the situation in Afghanistan, obviously trying to support the Taliban and to undermine the (actions), States,» — said in a statement published on the official website policy. According to McCain, the Taliban also has Iran in order to Finance the move and supplying him weapons.

In Afghanistan since 2001, is the military contingent of the USA and their allies who carried out the operation against the terrorists and assist local security forces. Officially the cessation of hostilities and the end of operation enduring freedom in the Islamic Republic, the us administration announced in late December 2014. However, in January 2015, Taliban militants broke a ceasefire agreement, after which NATO forces continued the operation in Afghanistan.

On the eve of the Russian foreign Ministry said that now is not the time for the withdrawal of us troops from Afghanistan, according to the Russian TASS. «The security situation in the country is deteriorating and the Afghan national security forces for a whole range of reasons unable to resist the armed opposition,» — said the Director of the Second Asian Department of the Russian foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov. In his opinion, in these circumstances, early withdrawal of the foreign troops may have «unpredictable consequences.»

Against this background, a Russian expert at the German society for foreign policy Stefan Meister noted that if in 2017, NATO will withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban can greatly destabilize the Central Asian neighbors of the Russian Federation, «and this is a real threat, including for Russia.»

U.S. General accused Russia of legitimizing the Taliban 10.02.2017

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