U.S. Department of defense is not planning joint operations in Syria

The U.S. Department of defense is not planning any joint military operations with Russia in Syria, said Pentagon spokesman Michel Baldanza. Earlier, the Kurds launched an attack on the main stronghold of the Islamic state in Syria’s Raqqa, with the support of the air force anti-terrorist coalition. From the Russian side on the possibility of cooperation, said foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with the us — state Department spokesman.

«At the moment we are not planning any joint military operations with Russia», — said Baldanza, commenting on statements by Russian and American parties about the consultations on this subject. According to «Interfax», the representative of the Pentagon has reminded that between Russia and the USA the Memorandum, for ensuring security in the skies over Syria, and the document is executed effectively. She also stressed that «in Syria the United States remains focused on the destruction and the destruction of IG.

Baldanza also noted that in the same direction and operate Russian aircraft: «We note that Russia is massing for attacks on ISIS in Syria, carrying out the cease-fire.»

Earlier, representatives of the Syrian Kurds announced the beginning of the operation to liberate the city of raqqa from ISIS. At the same time they expressed their readiness to coordinate their actions with both the United States and with Russia.

Commenting on these reports, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov not only expressed the readiness of the Russian side to such interaction, but also reported that the US and Russia have already begun to discuss the possibility of joint action against terrorists in Syria.

Later, the U.S. state Department spokesman mark Toner confirmed to reporters that the topic of possible joint operations were discussed between the United States and Russia, but expressed doubt that in this context, they discussed the liberation of Raqqa.

U.S. Department of defense is not planning joint operations in Syria 25.05.2016

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