Tymoshenko issued the Declaration for 2015: total revenue is 75 UAH 616

As of today on the website of the Verkhovna Rada no income Declaration for the 2015 leaders of the factions of «Petro Poroshenko’s Block» Yury Lutsenko’s «people’s front» Maxim Burbak, the Radical party of Oleh Liashko, «Samopomich» Oleg Berezyuk and the «Opposition bloc» Yuriy Boyko.

At the same time made public the statement of the leader of the faction «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko, which notes that last year the amount of total income Tymoshenko from sources in Ukraine amounted to 75 thousand UAH 616 is the salary, other payments and remunerations accrued (paid) in accordance with the terms of the employment or civil-law contract.

However the declared income received (accrued) from sources outside Ukraine (Czech Republic) the family members of Tymoshenko, in the amount of 138 thousand dollars. (listed in UAH — 3 048 125).

Tymoshenko owned, according to the Declaration, has no car, but her family members – three of them: Mercedes Benz GL 350 (not the year of issue), GAS 14 Chaika 4250 CC, 160 kW (1983 issue), Mercedes Benz GL350 CDI 2987 CC 190 kW (2014 release).

In the Declaration it is specified that Timoshenko rents the house area of 588 square metres, but does not state the amount of the lease rental. In addition, listed the apartment with an area of 59.4 square meters and States that it is «the right to use.»

According to the Declaration, Tymoshenko has contributed to the JSC «Sberbank» in the amount of 485 thousand UAH 971. And her family members have deposits in the sum of 2 650 989 in «Fidobank». In addition, the size of the contribution in authorized (share) capital of a company, enterprise, organization is 1 178 990 USD in LLC «GEOFORM», LLC «Farmacept», LLC «project a», JSC «Eurasian trading house», LTD. «Agrosoyuz Phoenix» LTD., «Lady Yu», LLC «Diosept», LLC «Radex-Tripoli», LLC «Redex-group».

Recall, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in January has accrued 715 25 hryvnias of a salary.

Tymoshenko issued the Declaration for 2015: total revenue is 75 UAH 616 29.02.2016

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