Tymoshenko has condemned the storming of the October Palace by the supporters of Saakashvili

The confrontation between supporters of the leader of the party «movement novih forces» of Mikhail Saakashvili and law enforcement officers could have «unpredictable consequences.» The leader of fraction «Batk_vshchina» Yulia Tymoshenko said the evening of 18 Dec of the TV channel ICTV.

«I strongly support, but rather, condemn the attempt to seize October Palace. I strongly condemn the excitement in the country at a time when such excitement in the city centre can take advantage of the country-occupier for three minutes,» she said.

Tymoshenko also condemned the breakthrough Saakashvili through the Ukrainian border, saying that it «was wrong.»

«We were not participants. We were on the Polish side,» – said the leader of «Batkivshchyna», despite the fact that in October she presented the administrative report on the illegal crossing of the state border.

Tymoshenko noted that he had come to court about election of a preventive measure Saakashvili to Express his support.

«I’m telling you from my own experience: when you absolutely unfairly, without any guilt thrown in jail, the worst – if one gets on your defense and says that this is wrong,» she explained.

17 Dec Saakashvili in the course of the next March «For impeachment,» said that the protesters organized the staff of the October Palace in Kiev. The building came supporters of the policy, clashed with security forces.

Member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the «popular front» Anton Gerashchenko noted that Saakashvili’s supporters want to seize the building, which hosts children’s matinees. At that time in October the Palace hosted the concert of the jazz orchestra of Glenn Miller.

According to the police of Kiev, the clashes at the October Palace injured 32 police officers. They got to hospital with poisoning unknown substance. In machardie said that injured 60 national guardsmen, 15 of them were hospitalized.

Saakashvili called the situation a provocation to discredit the peaceful protest.

Tymoshenko has condemned the storming of the October Palace by the supporters of Saakashvili 19.12.2017

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