Tymoshenko does not want to disclose details of the meeting with trump, but I assure you that near the toilet is not caught

Meeting the party leader «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko with the President of the United States Donald trump was of a private nature, therefore, the party cannot disclose some details of its content. This was stated to «Censor» people’s Deputy Serhiy Vlasenko, who accompanied Yulia Tymoshenko during her visit to the United States.

Vlasenko confirmed that the meeting took place and was of a «private nature» and was not «a one-minute handshake». The MP said that Yulia Tymoshenko on Monday in Parliament and any journalist can ask her the appropriate questions at the meeting with trump. Also Vlasenko has accused the President’s Administration of spreading false information in order to «sling mud and come up with absolutely stupid things.»

«Funny looks invented in the presidential Administration version, which began distributing the company BGR, which, in turn, hired Poroshenko — ostensibly to promote Ukraine. Though actually (and now obviously), their main job is to throw mud at the opposition abroad, and to clean the corrupt image of Poroshenko. Because if they fought for Ukraine, they would have supported any efforts aimed at supporting Ukraine. Instead, they began to throw mud, to come up with a completely stupid thing», — said the Deputy.

«I can say that no surprise to the President of the United States meeting not supported by the administration. Never! This is the first. Second: I can say that everyone on the prayer Breakfast saw the President trump went to the prayer Breakfast after his start. About his appearance announced, the participants welcomed it. Similarly, he left the hall; announced that he’s leaving. Everyone stood up and applauded. Therefore, no mass photo with the President, no one did. The level of security was maximum, the number of security personnel was maximum. The President was taken to a room as well, and he went out of the hall is a special route. Therefore to speak about any special meetings is absurd. It’s like if I said that yesterday Peter was talking to the answering machine of the US administration», he added.

Vlasenko has denied the information sources a number of foreign media that Tymoshenko allegedly «guarded» trump near the toilet. «It’s absurd complete, fabricated by the presidential Administration. The first distributed publicly, was the representative of the company BGR. Who made this statement prior to formal confirmation of the meeting of the White house. That is, they do not believe that will be the confirmation from the White House. Because he understood that the meeting was of a private nature. In such cases, evidence almost never happens. But then came the confirmation. And for them it was a real blow and shock. And they began to tell our citizens who does not always understand the nuances of the Protocol, crazy stories. What they said is nonsense», — said S. Vlasenko.

An earlier edition of the Washington Post reported that trump allegedly promised Tymoshenko not to lift sanctions against Russia.

Tymoshenko does not want to disclose details of the meeting with trump, but I assure you that near the toilet is not caught 06.02.2017

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