Tymoshenko and Nalivaychenko decided to unite

The party «Batkivshchyna» and the anti-corruption movement of Valentyn Nalyvaichenko join forces to prevent a new revolution. About that Yulia Tymoshenko and Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said at a joint press conference in Kyiv on Friday, reports «Ukrainian Truth».

To fight with Russia not used a number of robust non-military measures due to crony collusion — Tymoshenko

«Our teams are standing firm on the need for early resignation of the government. After that, we must do everything possible to form a new technical government, but if that didn’t work — our team will insist on early elections», — said Tymoshenko.

In her opinion, the resignation of this government and conservation authorities could lead to an explosion in society.

Also Nalivaychenko and Tymoshenko have advocated for changes to the Constitution.

«The adoption of fundamentally different a new, modern Constitution of Ukraine. The new Constitution should differ fundamentally all components of the agreement citizens of Ukraine and the authorities», — said Tymoshenko.

«The question arises, how to develop a new Constitution to harmonize it with people. Civil society proposes to adopt the law on the constitutional Assembly, or the Assembly. Assembly to form, as non-parliamentary, public to develop a new fair and understandable project. It would be a good way to go, but, alas, it is not possible in a clan conspiracy in the Ukrainian Parliament now. We are confident that this Parliament, this law will not accept,» he said.

To clarify journalists whether Tymoshenko sees himself in the technical government, she replied in the negative.

On the proposal of Yulia Tymoshenko and Valentyna Nalyvaychenko, the new Basic law of the country should develop the society, joining in Public National Assembly.

The leader of the Batkivshchyna party and Chairman of the NGO «Anticorruption movement» convinced that corruption and mismanagement are so ruined a state that you can change the situation only to completely reboot the country.

To fight with Russia not used a number of robust non-military measures due to crony collusion — Tymoshenko

To fight with Russia not used a number of robust non-military measures due to crony collusion. This was stated by Yulia Tymoshenko in Kiev, transfers UNIAN.

She said: «To fight an external aggressor, we have not used a number of robust, strong military measures». According to her, «we have still not ratified the Rome Statute, we still have not inventoried all in fact occupied and usurped state property situated in the Crimea and in the Donbas. We have not addressed the claims on the property of the Russian Federation on the territories of other States and arrested her property as a satisfaction», — said Tymoshenko.

However, she noted that «under the guidance and under the patronage of senior government officials is a black trade with the occupied territories, and make money». Tymoshenko stressed that this is due to clan-based political conspiracy, which also involved the Russian clans, and powerful clans, and Ukrainian clans. «And it makes it impossible to actually apply those practical things you need to do. And Minsk is the consequence of this situation», — said Tymoshenko.

She noted that advocated for the resignation of the current government and for early parliamentary elections and the adoption by referendum of a new Constitution of Ukraine.

In turn, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk sees no need for early parliamentary elections, which can only lead to economic collapse.

Tymoshenko and Nalivaychenko decided to unite 12.02.2016

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