Tymchuk and Shufrich live passed samples for drugs. Barna, and Moore refused

MP from «popular front» Dmitry Tymchuk on air of TV channel «112 Ukraine» passed the test for the maintenance drugs.

During the test, the MP said that he intends to vote for the bill on the inspection of civil servants on drug and alcohol addicted.

«It is (I vote, — ed.). Although I think some people on drugs behave more fun. Objectively speaking, it (the law — ed.), of course, necessary. I would add to this bill added a check on line of the SBU and counterintelligence, we have a lot of deputies who would hardly have passed the tests of intelligence», — said Tymchuk.

The procedure is as follows: the MP cut the tip of hair, put it in a jar and sent for review to the clinic.

After Tymchuk similar procedure was Nestor Shufrych from «opposition bloc».

According to Shufrich, for such a test should be ready «every public man.»

In turn, the MPs Barna , and Moore, that this evening was also in the Studio «112 Ukraine», from this step, abstained, calling the initiative «populism».

Earlier it became known that the leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko has registered in the Verkhovna Rada a draft law (No. 5409), which requires public employees to undergo examinations for drug and alcohol addicted and mental state. In the explanatory note to the document notes that they proposed to introduce a special annual check on health status (to determine mental condition of a person, possible addiction and dependence on alcohol and psychoactive toxic substances) and to extend it to all persons authorized to perform state functions or local government.

In turn, the first Deputy Minister of justice Natalia Sevostyanova believes that the adoption of the draft law on checking public servants to drug and alcohol addicted is not surprising that is similar to the standards prescribed in many legal acts.

We will remind, several days ago, the journalists posted a video of the strange behavior in the plenary hall of the Verkhovna Rada «opublikowa» Dmitry Dobkin, who before that had swallowed the convoy.

Tymchuk and Shufrich live passed samples for drugs. Barna, and Moore refused 24.11.2016

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