Tyahnybok: Svoboda all-Ukrainian action resumes for blocking the passage of Russian trucks

On Friday, February 26, the Svoboda all-Ukrainian action resumes for blocking the passage of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine, said the leader of the party Oleg Tyagnybok.

«It is unacceptable that the current government allows the Russian business to use the Ukrainian transport infrastructure. While Russia continues military aggression against Ukraine, the Ukrainian military kills and persecutes civilians, the government allows the aggressor to make the Ukrainian economy. The inaction of the authorities voprose introduce effective sanctions against Putin’s Russia undermines the confidence of the Western allies to the intentions of Ukraine to really stand up to the aggressor, as well as their desire to continue their sanctions against Russia. With such actions the Central government once again demonstrates the priority of business over national interests of Ukraine», — is spoken in the statement published on page Tyagnyboka to Facebook Friday, February 26, morning.

Brewer is afraid that because of blokirovaniya activists of Russian trucks Ukraine may lose the Eurasian transit

In this regard, Tyagnybok wrote that the «Freedom» of «requires the government Yatsenyuk to immediately prohibit the transit of Russian trucks Ukrainian territory and to cancel the treacherous the nature of the decision to restore from the 25th of February the Russian transit».

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Published by Oleg Tyagnibok February 26, 2016

Separately, the political force noted that the appeal by the Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov provide support of the guard and other structures of the Ministry of interior for unobstructed passage of Russian trucks Ukrainian territory «completely unacceptable».

«This proposal demonstrates the puppet character of the current government, which for the sake of the business interests of the patrons is ready to supply Ukraine in a humiliating position,» he believed «Freedom» policies.

According to Tyahnybok, the termination of transportation is one of these tools, consistently and systematically to undermine the Russian economy.

«And Vice versa: each missed Ukrainian Russian truck is actually a new shell in the Ukrainian fighters,» he believes it.

«We demand from the Ukrainian authorities to cease to lobby interests of oligarchs and the Russian invaders in Ukraine, not to apply a double standard aggressor and completely stop the transit of Russian freight transport on the territory of Ukraine», — wrote Tyagnybok.

Meanwhile, the Director of Department of strategic development of road and market road transport of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine Roman Khmil on the air «112 channel» on Friday morning reported that the Ukrainian activists will not block the move on Ukraine transit grusome the Cove with Russian registration.

«Transit in contrast to two-way traffic is not the prerogative of Ukraine to block the international trade system and agreed that transit would be free and those transit goods which are moved to Ukraine often do not Russian even if Russian are transported by trucks. Therefore, the activists, after our communications and explanations, it is understood and we see that there is an understanding and a transit block they will not, we continue negotiations on bilateral transport Ukraine-Russia,» he said.

Earlier Thursday, 25 February, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky has said that the Ministry of infrastructure will continue advocacy, and if necessary negotiate with the activists blocking the transit of Russian trucks.

According to him, Ukraine in any case can not be a transit state, and often the cars with Russian registration drive, the Ukrainians, and the cargo does not belong to the Russian Federation and transnational companies.

«If due to the blocking of transit somewhere, say, die mini-hotel, because there will not come the drivers, what are we going to do? Needed clarification, to work with the community»- said the Minister.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine accepted the proposal of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation from 00:25 February to resume transit trucking.

However, the organizer of the blockade of Russian trucks in the Transcarpathian region — the Association «Carpathian Sich» February 24 declared the requirement for the Ukrainian government to reconsider the decision to resume transit of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine.

Brewer is afraid that because of blokirovaniya activists of Russian trucks Ukraine may lose the Eurasian transit

An attempt to block the road transit of goods through Ukraine could have severe consequences, as the country may lose Euro-Asian transportation. This was stated by Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

According to him, due to the blocking carriers may begin to perceive Ukraine as a threat to transit, and the country will lose transit flows.

«When someone says it will block the transit, we must clearly understand the consequences, clearly calculate them. This means that we must think not for the moment, and to think strategically,» — said the Minister.

In the comment brewer said that while the situation with the transit stable.

«Now the movement is normal,» — said the Minister.

The question of how the Ministry of internal Affairs performs the Prime Minister’s instructions regarding transit, brewer said, «the Question is not to «help unlock», and to ensure the safety of transit. How MIA would do, they decide themselves».

He assured that the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of internal Affairs coordinate their work «on a technical level».

Tyahnybok: Svoboda all-Ukrainian action resumes for blocking the passage of Russian trucks 26.02.2016

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