Two years ago, «cyborg» has forced the aggressor to abandon offensive.

The chief of the General staff — chief of the Armed forces of Ukraine Victor Muzhenko declared that the Ukrainian soldiers who hold the Donetsk airport as a strategic object and then as a symbol of courage, force the aggressor to abandon further offensive action.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Media reminded of the last day of defense of the Donetsk airport

«It was a major challenge, and the Armed forces have fulfilled it», — said Muzhenko.

According to him, the defense DaPa has become an example of heroism not only to all personnel of the Armed forces, but for the armies of other countries.

Muzhenko noted that the protection of the airport has become an example of what a small number the group is able to resist the superior forces of the enemy, the power elite Russian special forces, and not only resist, but also to cause the enemy such losses that he was forced to ask for a truce to collect their dead and wounded.

«The feat of the defenders DaPa has revitalized the Ukrainian army and created a new image of the Ukrainian soldier is invincible and indestructible! Defenders of the Donetsk airport should remain in the heart and soul of every Ukrainian, as soldiers of the new army that we created together!» — said the chief of staff.

Media reminded of the last day of defense of the Donetsk airport

Today, January 21, 2015-th year, — last day for defense of the new terminal of the Donetsk airport. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the journalist Yury Butusov.

«Today at around 8 am organized resistance in the new terminal stopped. Defensive positions were destroyed before the explosion. Ammunition and water left, the possibility of resistance were exhausted,» — he recalled.

Butusov said that on the night of 21 January 2015-year 5 seriously wounded died. By 8 a.m. he left the fighters who could move.

«16 the last defenders of the new terminal, including 4 seriously wounded, surrendered. Anatoly Svirid and Igor branovitskiy, also wounded, until recently, provided assistance to his wounded comrades,» said the journalist.

Help. Fighting for the Donetsk airport started on may 26, 2014 after the airport terminal was captured by militants Donetsk. The defense of the airport lasted for 242 days. Ukrainian security forces were then called «cyborgs» for their heroic opposition to the enemies and invincibility. During this time, killed 200 fighters and about 500 injured. January 20 marked two years since the undermining of the new terminal of the Donetsk airport, and actually ended 242-day defense of it.

Two years ago, «cyborg» has forced the aggressor to abandon offensive. 21.01.2017

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