Two Ukrainian athletes won the «silver» and «bronze» the world championship indoor

Ukrainian Anastasia he was was the silver medalist in pentathlon at the world Cup 2016 in athletics in the room, and Alina Fedorova won the bronze medal.

Both Ukrainians finished the race with personal records, and now lead the European top sheet of the season, reports the press service of the athletics Federation of Ukraine.

He was the sum of five types 4847 points scored, Fedorov — 4770. Won with the best result of the season in the world of brianna Tizen-Eaton from Canada (4881).

During the competition he was also set three personal bests in individual species: in run on 60 m with barriers (8,11) in the shot put (15,01 m) and long jump (6,66 km). High jump she finished with a result of 1.85 m, and 800 m overcame a 2.2319 minutes.

Fedorov started the competition with a personal record in the 60-meters hurdles (8,27). Then jumped to a height of 1.85 metres, won the shot put (15,44 km), was third in the long jump (6,33 meters) and 800 meters run for 2.20,42 minutes.

For Fyodorova, this medal of the world indoor Championships was the second in his career. Two years ago, in Sopot, Alina has also won «bronze».

World Championships in athletics takes 17-20 March in Portland (Oregon, USA).

Recall, the best athlete of Ukraine in 2015 was Lyudmila Ulanowska, which won the bronze medal at the Beijing world Cup race walking for 20 km (1 hour, 28 minutes and 13 seconds), set a record of Ukraine and the Ukrainian record among the youth in the European Cup in the Spanish of Murcia (1:27.09) and also won a bronze medal at the European youth championship in the capital of Estonia Tallinn (1:28.41).

Two Ukrainian athletes won the «silver» and «bronze» the world championship indoor 19.03.2016

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