Two Serbian diplomat killed during an air strike on Libya the U.S.

Two Serbian diplomat, kidnapped earlier in Libya were killed in an airstrike USA on the basis of militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state» in the Libyan city of sabratha, according to Reuters with reference to the MFA of Serbia .

«Two Serbian Embassy staff who were kidnapped in Libya in November is believed to have been killed in raids Friday by the air forces of the United States, directed to the positions of the «Islamic state», — stated in the message.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic said that his country will send a protest note to Washington due to the fact that the US was not informed Belgrade about this RAID.

«Unfortunately, as a result of the attack on the positions of the «Islamic state» in Libya, two of them lost their lives,» he told journalists Dacic.

As noted, Sladjana Stankovic — employee communications and Jovica Stepic, the driver, were taken hostage on November 8 after their diplomatic convoy, including the Ambassador, came under fire near the coastal town of sabratha.

«We expect the identification of victims, so formally we cannot confirm the information,» he said at a press conference Dacic.

According to him, the Serbian government negotiated the release of two hostages with the militants.

Friday, 19 February, military aircraft of the United States carried out air strikes on the Libyan town of sabratha, which killed at least 30 people. The blow was inflicted on the camp of preparation of terrorists of ISIL in Libya.

Two Serbian diplomat killed during an air strike on Libya the U.S. 20.02.2016

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