Twitter will establish the identity of users hate

Company Twitter is to establish the identity of users whose accounts have been blocked for abusive behaviour, reports the BBC Russian.

The purpose deanonimizatsii aggressive users to block the creation of new accounts.

Additionally, Twitter is working to create a system of so-called «safe search», which will exclude tweets with potentially sensitive content. Tweets with potentially offensive content will not be deleted, however, the system will exclude them from search results for a particular query.

Twitter is also working on an exception to the search potentially offensive and «bad quality» of the discussions that have little to do with the theme. These discussions will not be deleted, but will be less visible to users.

We will remind, in may 2016 Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft have signed the code against aggression, hate and xenophobia on the Internet to remove extremist content from all the resources mentioned during the day.

Agreed by the companies code also requires the ability to block accounts, which were published posts with extremist content.

Earlier it was reported that Google launches service to detect fake news.

Twitter will establish the identity of users hate 08.02.2017

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