Twitter Gulnara Karimova has appeared of record on the rumours about her death

Twitter was in October 2016 on behalf of the eldest daughter of the recently deceased first President of Uzbekistan Islam KarimovGulnara Karimova, came sarcastic comments concerning the rumors about her death, writes

On the eve of some media wrote that the 44-year-old Karimov was allegedly poisoned, and died on 5 November and the same day was buried in the cemetery «Minor» in Tashkent, then the tomb razed to the ground. However, several publications, citing unnamed sources denied the information.

Until recently, the account GulIslamovna spread old photos of Karimova with comments on its behalf or pictures depicting women with long hair, whose face is hidden. However, on November 22 there was posted a photo where the daughter of Karimov is depicted with the phone.

With the publication of «Center-1», first reported about the alleged death of the woman, citing an unnamed employee of the national security Service (SNB) of Uzbekistan, found that the picture really depicts Karimov, but the photo was taken and published online in early 2014. In the increased in the last days of account activity reporters saw possible evidence that information about the death of the daughter of Islam Karimov, may be true.

A few records appeared in the account GulIslamovna after the hype in the media due to rumors of the death Karimova, the author of the posts makes fun of the employees and the NSS makes it clear that Twitter was hacked.

Twitter Gulnara Karimova also posted sarcastic comments about the rumors and expressed gratitude for the denial of death. In particular, the fact that the reports are untrue, on the eve of RIA «news» said «a source close to the environment of the Karimov family».

«Gulnara Karimova is alive, information about her death is false», — said the Agency interlocutor.

He refused to elaborate on the details and information about her whereabouts. In the comments to this news on Twitter, maintained on behalf of Karimova, called source name — Abu-Ali Collaterali. As suggested by the press, most likely, we are talking about the Tashkent journalist Abu-Ali Niyazmatov.

In addition, the author records presented by Gulnara Karimova, says that after publishing information about the death she was sent to 600 private messages, and writes with irony that if she was killed, then it will inform the younger sister, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva.

Recall that reliable information about the whereabouts of the eldest daughter of Islam Karimov, Gulnara no more than two years. According to some, she is under house arrest in Tashkent. Until the fall of 2013, Karimov successfully engaged in business under its control were the TV channels, radio stations and fashion stores, and before that she worked at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic.

However, in November 2013, Karimov, according to the journalists, quarreled with his father and lost everything. In mass media repeatedly there were appeals made on behalf of itself Karimova, which said that her and her daughter security forces keep in your own home, forbidden to leave the room and chat with strangers.

Gulnara Karimova and her children were at the funeral of President Islam Karimov, who died September 2, 2016 on 79-m to year of life after a stroke.

«An informed source» in the government of Uzbekistan has not confirmed the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» reports of the death of Karimova and made assumptions, which were raised by the hype. According to his version, most likely, we are talking about the «stuffing», objazana to discredit the acting President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirzieev, which is expected to win the presidential election on 4 December.

«Maybe it’s just the opposite: the government itself throws a ball at people to test it for potency for revolution: it is no secret also that it was the election — or rather, the ability to cling to them — are used by Western strategists to start the «great game», the article says.

«In any case, the matter in the spring. Political» — concludes «KP».

Twitter Gulnara Karimova has appeared of record on the rumours about her death 23.11.2016

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