TV channel NewsOne Kolomoisky buys or Khodorkovsky – media

General producer of TV channel Newsone Dmitry Nosikov on his page on the social network Facebook left a message, which caused a mixed reaction in the media market.

Your post spouts placed after talks in Geneva with «a very strong opponent». According to all subsequent reviews, NewsOne can move under the influence of Mikhail Khodorkovsky or Igor Kolomoisky, writes «Commander in chief».

«It turns out! Difficult conversations, complex, very strong opponent, top-level experts and five hours of arguments, evidence, references, and beliefs that Ukrainian information space is the battlefield on which the future of Europe. We agreed! The process is started! NewsOne TV channel will have a unique opportunity to move forward, to grow and to qualitatively change! Rubbing their hands in anticipation…!», — he wrote, noting the status of «inspired» in Geneva.

According to «Detector Media» with reference to Dmitry Nosikova, top management of the company is in talks with a possible buyer or investor channel. To ensure the process of the canal to the land and listening will go to the company «Stellman and partners.» This information was also confirmed by Mikhail Shtilman.

One of the owners of the company Mikhail Shtilman, a citizen of Israel, whom the media associate with the initiator of Open Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and media Corporation News Corp inc.(CNN) in whose interests, Stellman consolidated a number of successful media in the Baltic States. This information was published by the Latvian online

However, according to sources, the spouts could meet in Geneva with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who may be the secret investor, which is silent on the channel. Kolomoisky after the nationalization of the Private Bank and the pressure on the TV channel 1+1, it is possible to be interested in strengthening its media position.

The owner of Newsone Eugene Moore confirmed a Media Detector that is a «series of negotiations», but said that the superstitious, and therefore will not to the fact the final «agreement about anything» to give details.

Recently in January (at that time), the General producer of TV channel NewsOne Alexei Semenov has declared that leaves the channel and, along with journalists Matvei Ganapolsky and Yevgeny Kiselyov and starts a new project.

TV channel NewsOne Kolomoisky buys or Khodorkovsky – media 26.01.2017

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