Turkish soldiers entered Iraqi Kurdistan, the Iraqi foreign Ministry called it an invasion media

Several hundred Turkish soldiers were stationed in Northern Iraq near the captured terrorists of the «Islamic state» the city of Mosul. About it reports Reuters referring to a source in the Turkish security agencies.

According to the source, the military sent to ensure the training of Iraqi troops. This operation is part of routine exercise, he added. The interlocutor of the Agency noted that in the area of mount Bashiqa to the North-East of Mosul was transferred to the battalion, however, specify the number of soldiers refused.

He added that the troops are already in Iraqi Kurdistan and arrived in Mosul in support of armored vehicles.

According to BBC News, citing the military command of Turkey, the border with Iraq crossed the 150 soldiers of the Turkish army.

According to a senior Kurdish officer on the front line, in camp units, leading the fight against ISIS, last night arrived additionally Turkish instructors with an armed escort.

In turn, Iraq has declared that the deployment of Turkish troops in the Northern part of the country is a violation of its sovereignty, and demanded their immediate withdrawal.

The foreign Ministry in a statement read out on state television, described the activity as a Turkish «invasion». Baghdad has rejected the possibility of any military operation not coordinated with the Federal government.

Tuesday, December 1, on the deployment of new forces special forces in Iraq declared the U.S. to conduct raids against the «Islamic state».

The government of Iraq has stated that it welcomes foreign assistance, however, any deployment of special operations forces in any place in the country must be approved by the Iraqi government. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the deployment of any foreign troops on the territory of the country without the agreement of Baghdad would be considered an «act of aggression». According to him, foreign ground combat unit in Iraq not needed.

Since August 2014, a coalition of 65 countries led by the United States conducts bombing of Iraq and support Kurdish forces fighting on the ground. A month later they started attacking the coalition on positions of terrorists in Syria. The reason for the bombing has been the alarming situation of the Iraqi Kurds.

The Islamic state is a terrorist organization, which in 2014 captured part of the territory of Syria and Iraq and proclaimed there the Caliphate.

We will remind, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan called to establish a United front the leaders of Muslim countries to fight extremism.

Turkish soldiers entered Iraqi Kurdistan, the Iraqi foreign Ministry called it an invasion media 05.12.2015

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