Turkish MPs came to blows during a debate on constitutional changes

In the Turkish Parliament deputies staged a fight in the debate around the constitutional amendments. It is reported Hurriyet daily news.

The fight started when the MPs were discussing changes to the article 18 of the Constitution providing for a transition from a parliamentary to a presidential system of government.

Deputies from the ruling justice and development and the main opposition Republican people’s party floated fists and pushed each other around the parliamentary rostrum.

In the ruling party believe that the country needs a strong leader to maintain unity, at the same time, the opposition fears that this will lead to authoritarianism.

Despite the fight, the third, fourth and fifth articles of the bill were approved at the meeting, which lasted until late at night.

The resumption of the constitutional debate is expected on 12 January in the afternoon.

The debate on individual articles began on Tuesday, January 10, the ruling party plans to complete them by January 24. During the debate will be discussed separately 18 articles of the reform. Also there will be a separate vote for each article.

Plans call for the presidential and General elections in 2019 and no more than two five-year terms.

Turkish MPs came to blows during a debate on constitutional changes 12.01.2017

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