Turkish howitzers fired at Syrian territory. They say that the fire led by Kurds and borders are not violated

Units of the Turkish armed forces continue to fire at positions of the militia of the Kurdish socialist party «Democratic Union» (PYD) in Northern Syria.

Units of the Turkish army stationed at the border line in the province of Kilis, used howitzers «Storm» against the goals of PYD/PKK in the district of Azaz, said on Wednesday, 17 February 2016, the Turkish government Agency «Anadolu» with reference to its sources in law enforcement agencies.

Like the previous shelling the Kurds the Turks have committed on 13 February.

According to information from the Turkish authorities, it was the response after a provocative shelling of the sovereign territory of the Republic of Turkey by the Syrian PYD troops. The 29 reported dead Kurds.

On the same day, Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu did not rule out joining of his country to the initiative of the countries of the coalition prosnitsa about starting a land peacekeeping operation in Syria.

On 15 February, the Syrian foreign Ministry, in turn, announced the beginning of a ground invasion by Turkey: after the firing positions of the Syrian Kurds in the North of the province of Aleppo, there is allegedly headed a convoy of military vehicles and about a hundred soldiers.

The Syrian foreign Ministry characterizes Turkey as «direct support to terrorists»: it is assumed that Turkish artillery fired on areas from which Kurds were displaced by armed radical opposition groups, including «dzhebhat EN-Nusra». The foreign Ministry says that Turkey on Syrian territory Syria included a minimum of 12 cars armed with machine guns. It was accompanied by about 100 fighters, some of whom, presumably, were the Turkish military and mercenaries. They went to Syria through the border crossing «Bab al-Salameh».

We note in this regard that Turkey is trying to prevent the formation along its South-Eastern borders of the independent state of Kurdistan, which Ankara believes would be a constant source of separatism inside the country, a quarter of whose population are ethnic Kurds. For example, Turkish troops under the auspices of the fight against «Islamic state», despite the protests of the official Baghdad, has long been located in Iraqi Kurdistan.

February 16, Turkey declared its territorial claims on the disputed region situated in the triangle of the Syrian cities of Azaz-Jerablus-Mumbach, which is dominated by a mixed ethnic composition of the Turkomans and the Kurds. «Turkey has the right to intervene in ensuring the preservation of the corridor Azaz-Aleppo in Syria,» — said the Deputy from the Republican people’s party of Turkey Deniz Baykal.

However, he stressed that we are not talking about «declaring war» against the Syrian Arab Republic (UAR) headed by Bashar al-Assad.

Turkish howitzers fired at Syrian territory. They say that the fire led by Kurds and borders are not violated 17.02.2016

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