Turkish authorities accuse Gulen’s even in earthquakes

Ankara mayor Melih gökçek said that the recent earthquake off the coast of Turkey — the handiwork of the opposition of the Turkish Islamic theologian, spiritual leader of public political movement Hizmet of Fethullah Gulen. A disaster he allegedly arranged with the help of Western powers, to harm the Turkish economy, reports NEWSru.com.

Gökçek convinced of the need for investigation involving seismic exploration vessel, which was at the time a small earthquake near the port city of Chanak-Kale.

«And no matter what they (the investigators — ed.) will say. I’m still worried about the possibility of the artificial earthquake,» said gökçek, adding that «Gulen terrorist organization (FETO) has previously organized the earthquake.»

According to gökçek, «they (gulenists) the plan failed because their strategy in time revealed to the public.» «But now they’re trying to organize the economic crisis with the help of a major earthquake,» — said the mayor of Ankara.

Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 occurred on Monday, 6 February 2017, at the Western coast of Turkey. The epicenter was in the Aegean sea, 23 km from the city Defender. Data on destructions and victims did not arrive.

As reported, Gulen lives in the USA. The Turkish authorities consider him to be the organizer of the recent failed military coup attempt which was soersen 16 July 2016. Himself a preacher these allegations are categorically rejects.

Experts call the views of Gulen’s combination of moderate Islam and Pro-European open Turkey first put forth by Ataturk, whereas now in this country prevails the course on conservative Islam.

The United States refused to extradite Gulen, the current Turkish authorities.

The current President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that Gulen as his personal enemy No. 1.

Turkish authorities accuse Gulen’s even in earthquakes 08.02.2017

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