Turkey declared territorial claims of Syria

Turkey has the right to intervene in the issue of corridor Azaz-Aleppo in Syria. This was stated by MP from the Republican people’s party of Turkey Deniz Baykal, reports Anadolu.

«Turkey has the right to intervene in ensuring the preservation of the corridor Azaz-Aleppo in Syria,» — said the Baikal.

According to him, the use of howitzers from Turkey does not mean that Turkey enters the war in Syria.

«This is not a Declaration of war», — the politician said, answering the question is equivalent to whether the shelling of positions of the PYD (the Democratic Union of Syrian Kurds — ed) to a Declaration of war.

Baikal also drew attention to the fact that in Turkey are already more than 2.5 million refugees.

«If the agreement on security in Syria, is not reached, Turkey will likely have to face a continuous wave of refugees,» he added, stressing that Turkey has a legitimate right to demand the prevention of such developments.

As reported, on 5 February, the Turkish authorities stated deliberate blocking by the troops of Bashar al-Assad and aerospace forces (VKS) Russia corridor Syrian refugees Aleppo-Azaz, on which they are evacuated to Turkey.

The international community and experts believe that these actions were part of the RAID takes in the siege of the city of Aleppo and is aimed primarily in support of the concept of creation along the Northern borders of Syria and Iraq an independent state of Kurdistan.

Turkey declared territorial claims of Syria 16.02.2016

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