Turkey allowed German deputies at a NATO base

The Turkish authorities refused to let the German MPs on the NATO air base in the province of Konya. This was July 14 in the comments to Deutschlandfunk said the Chairman of the defense Committee of the Bundestag Wolfgang Hellmich.

According to him, Turkey explained its decision by the state of bilateral relations with Berlin.

Based on «Konya» is located about 20-30 German soldiers involved in the operations of the international coalition against the terrorist group «Islamic state».

Hellmich emphasized that German MPs should be able to visit their soldiers, regardless of how Ankara appreciates bilateral relations with Berlin. He added that in such circumstances, sees no possibility to renew the mandate for the deployment of military at this base, which expires at the end of the year.

In early July, the German government began the withdrawal of soldiers in the Turkish base Incirlik, where they were placed about 260 German soldiers, six reconnaissance aircraft «Tornado» and one tanker aircraft. These forces were also involved in the fight against ISIS. Now aircraft and troops will be relocated to Jordan.

The reason for the departure from the «Incirlik» were the taboos of the Turkish government on the visit of German parliamentarians of a military contingent stationed there, said «Deutsche Welle».

As justifications put forward various reasons, in particular the adoption by the Bundestag resolution that the events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire was recognized as genocide of the Armenian people. The next occasion was the granting of political asylum Berlin Turkish military who had fled the country after a failed coup attempt in July 2016.

Turkey allowed German deputies at a NATO base 15.07.2017

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