Turchynov: Russia in Syria fulfills the nuclear weapons

Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov called on all democratic countries to join efforts in order to confront any aggression anywhere in the world. As UNIAN reports, he reported about it today, 18 February, at a forum on defense and security in Kiev.

According to him, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and Syria destabilizes the situation in the world.

«All this testifies to the fact that all democratic countries should join their efforts in order to confront any aggression anywhere in the world, because aggression begins against one state, however, continues to threaten the security of the world», — the NSDC Secretary said.

During the military operations in Syria, Russia is working on the use of nuclear weapons, Turchynov said during the Ukrainian forum on defense and security 2016, reports UKRINFORM. Turchynov stressed that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is a danger to the entire civilized world.

«It is a challenge not only for our state but for the whole civilized world, because the leadership of the Russian Federation demonstrates the ineffectiveness of collective security,» he said.

Secretary of the security Council also noted that «in Ukraine, worked out scenarios powerful hybrid war, which has now gone far beyond the limits of our state. And today in the middle East, Syria, Russia fulfills the combat use of modern weapons, which, including, can carry nuclear capability».

Earlier Turchynov said that the Russian Federation will lose their autonomy and stolen territory of other countries.

«The Bible said, he who sows the wind, shall reap the whirlwind. This means that the aggressor, who set a precedent by trying to change existing borders, as you will soon face this issue, but much larger and destructive scale. After all, Russia is in deep crisis and isolation over time, will not be able not only to keep a national-territorial autonomy, but also the territories that were detached from other countries, from the Far East to the extreme Western regions,» said Turchynov.

Turchynov: Russia in Syria fulfills the nuclear weapons 18.02.2016

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