Turchinov exceeded #22PushupChallenge

Secretary of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov joined the flash mob #22PushupChallenge.

The corresponding video he posted on his page in Facebook.

Turchinov did, like, 25 times.

«Just in case. With the stock,» said he, adding that passing the baton to the officers of the NSDC.

Recall flashmob #22PushupChallenge started in Ukraine in support of the soldiers returning from the combat zone and have PTSD.

Note that the number «22» was included in the statistics the number of suicides among veterans of military conflicts and military actions of the Armed forces of the United States. To draw attention to this issue, held a flash mob, which became a 22-time push-UPS for 22 days. Subsequently, the baton was passed and the army of European countries, including Ukraine.

Turchinov exceeded #22PushupChallenge 27.01.2017

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