Tuka: when it comes to the opening of the checkpoints, the rebels begin a systematic bombardment

In the zone of the antiterrorist operation militants are stepping up the systematic attacks right after talking about the opening of the Ukrainian party to control points of entry and exit (CPW). About it on air of «112 Ukraine» said the head of the Lugansk military-civil administration Georgy Tuka.

Yesterday, February 9 was postponed the opening of the checkpoint in Gold.

«This is not the first time because of the systematic provocative attacks from the opposite side, we forced to postpone the opening CPW. The same situation was with the opening of Hiking in the Village Lugansk», — said the Fat.

This issue was discussed by Ukrainian representative Leonid Kuchma, the contact group.

«There is repeatedly some incomprehensible pattern, as soon as we start to speak about the opening CPW, the very next day start some attacks. They are always systematic. However, it should be understood that any such firing represents a danger for the population and for the military. We talked on this subject with Leonid Kuchma, tried to pick up censorship of expression, but succeeded with difficulty», — said the head of the CAA.

CPW will be open, but in a different location.

«We are not refusing the opening paragraph, but, because of the increased number of attacks, yesterday in a joint group made the decision to change the location, as well as CPW is not just a barrier, but rather a complex structure, it takes time for the hardware of that particular item,» said Georgy Tuka.

As reported in the zone of the antiterrorist operation in the East of Ukraine for the last day no one Ukrainian soldier was wounded, no fatalities.

Yesterday it was reported that Russian-terrorist groups through drone attacks were sharply intensified air reconnaissance in Mariupol direction.

On 5 February at the headquarters of the ATO reported that the enemy had committed 81 the shelling of the Ukrainian positions, a record number starting from August 2015.

The speaker of the administration of the President of the ATU Andrei Lysenko said earlier that in the direction of Donetsk, insecurity remains across the front. The most difficult situation, he said, was formed in zaytsevo, where he recorded a series of enemy attacks with the use 120-mm mortars. Another mortar attack occurred near Mayorsk. In addition, said Lysenko, the situation has escalated around the Donetsk airport.

Earlier also it was reported that after the closure of a crossing point in zaytsevo militants fired several settlements of more than 150 min, using «scorched earth tactics».

Tuka: when it comes to the opening of the checkpoints, the rebels begin a systematic bombardment 10.02.2016

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