Tuka: the crossing point in the Village Lugansk will be closed, if the militants will continue provocations

In response to numerous requests of residents of Luhansk region opened a crossing into the occupied territory in the Village Lugansk, but soon it again can close in response to the provocations of the militants. This was reported in the Facebook Chairman of the Luhansk regional military-civil administration (RSA) Georgy Tuka.

«Now this item is used by approximately 1800 people daily. There is a market, Bank, transport. However, since the first days I noted: the main thing – peace and security,» he said.

Tuck said that for the second day in a row sees a breach of the peace from terrorists.

«I have repeatedly said that there is no trust to the scoundrels who carry out the occupation of Ukraine. The events of recent days testify to my innocence: every day there are explosions. While we are making great efforts to restore peaceful life, for the growth and development of our land again «monkeys with grenades» carry out attacks,» wrote Tuck.

The head of the administration added that does not want to cause unnecessary trouble to the civilian population, but is forced to consider closure of the crossing point in the Village Lugansk.

«About my decision I will inform you in advance. At least for a day,» concluded Tuck.

Deputy Chairman of the Lugansk regional military-civil administration Yuri Klymenko said that in two weeks, first Hiking in the Village of Lugansk took more than 18 thousand people. About it writes UKRINFORM.

«For the period from October 27 to November 9 pedestrian crossing in the Village of Lugansk took more than 18 thousand people. Of those, 60% went from occupied territory to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities», — said Klimenko.

According to him, the number of people increases every day. If on the first day the line of demarcation crossed five hundred inhabitants, it now recorded every day up to 1800 people.

A large part comes to buy products that are in part controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, much cheaper, or to use the services of the ATM.

«In connection with frosts and pedestrian crossing equipped with point heating — a heated tent, where you can get hot tea. The safety on the pedestrian crossing see representatives of the OSCE and the International red cross», — said Klimenko.

He also said that by the end of November in the Luhansk region will open the transition to «gold — Stakhanov», due to the Minsk agreements.

Now consultations have been held with police officers, representatives of anti-terrorist operation center, and the like. In future it will also open Novotoshkovsky transition.

Klimenko noted that at the point of transition is permitted to use both electronic and paper passes.

October 27, in the urban-type village the Village Lugansk was opened the first in Luhansk region, the transition in the occupied territory by militants. In the Luhansk regional state administration reminded that the persons crossing the demarcation line with the uncontrolled territory is carried out in the presence of electronic permits and a passport. Previously Lugansk region postponed the opening of a pedestrian crossing point on the demarcation line because of the threat of provocations by militants.

Tuka: the crossing point in the Village Lugansk will be closed, if the militants will continue provocations 10.11.2015

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