Tuka: the best option for Ukraine is the cessation of existence of Russia as a state

Russia can force to stop the aggression with economic sanctions. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy Minister on issues temporarily occupied territories, the George Tooke in an interview with «Apostrophe».

«You now long to tell each other, real or unreal, because there are different points of view. Some say that the great dope is so deeply embedded in the minds of Muscovites are ready to fight even in sandals and a balalaika. But others say that still the fridge wins the TV. I support the second thesis. I witnessed flourishing, decline and destruction of the Soviet Union. So I remember how it when on the shelves, which are now bursting with a variety of products, is only seaweed», – he said.

The Deputy Minister added that the documentary footage of empty shelves and fighting in queues in the first minutes after the opening of liquor shops seem to be today’s youth staged.

«Son of 30 – and he can’t understand how this could be. And I remember it well! I know that it can be. It may not be as quick as everyone would like. But the Russians are in the majority, too, have become accustomed to more comfortable living conditions. The most optimal variant for Ukraine – Yes, perhaps, for the whole world – it’s all the demise of Russia as a state in the same form as now,» said Tuck.

In his opinion, the probability of disintegration of the Russian Federation more than thinks about it the vast majority.

«I remember 1990-e years. Remember how this education was bursting at the seams. Ural Republic, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Karelia, Chechnya and then – I remember it perfectly. As banned flights of civil aviation over the territories, because «this is our territory»… So never say «never» – he said.

The Deputy Minister noted that President Boris Yeltsin at the time managed to keep the situation with the help of Western countries.

«From my point of view, it was a huge mistake. But in the Western world was concerned – and continue to be concerned now with the fate of the enormous potential of nuclear, chemical, bacteriological weapons, which has this Imperial country. That’s what scared both European and overseas, our allies and partners. If not for these fears, I am convinced that the end could be much faster. First of all, economic sanctions and political influence. And in no way weapons,» – he concluded.

Against Russia imposed economic sanctions by the United States, the European Union and some other countries in the spring of 2014 after Russia annexed the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea and military aggression in Eastern Ukraine. The sanctions packages several times expanded and tightened.

March 8, 2017, the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson assured the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin, that U.S. sanctions against Russia will be in effect until full implementation of the Minsk agreement and de-occupation of Donbas and Crimea.

June 16, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly backed a bill that imposes restrictions against individuals and organizations that contributed to the cyber attacks and arming the Syrian government. Sanctions can affect the mining, metallurgical, shipping and other sectors of the Russian economy.

Tuka: the best option for Ukraine is the cessation of existence of Russia as a state 17.07.2017

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