Tuck the blockade ORDO: the success of the action do not believe the proponents don’t trust

The Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories Georgy Tuka said that he does not trust the organizers of the blockade of the occupied territories and does not believe in its success. He reported about it on the page in Facebook.

«First, I have not credible initiators of this action: no Valentine Liholaja, nor Konstantin Grishin. For the known reasons,» he wrote.

Tuck also noted that these actions are not consistent with any government Agency, the SBU, the interior Ministry, the APU, which means «the establishment of any roadblocks, the conduct of any examinations, the provision of any «permission» is illegal and must obtain an appropriate assessment on the part of law enforcement.»

«Intention «to starve» (as Valentine said Liholaja) in the presence of over 400 km uncontrolled state border is outright nonsense,» he said.

According to tuki, the blockade is providing new information about for the separatists.

«I don’t believe in the success of such «pressure on separatists», in addition to providing additional information about the occupiers (already started)» — he wrote.

«I am convinced that this initiative (blockade ORDA) has Directors from among those who call themselves» politicians «dirty scoundrels», he concluded.

«This action will not one day and not two, and it is necessary to prepare. It will be the perpetual share until they release our guys. We need them (Russian invaders — ed.) to starve, to our boys released,» — said earlier Liholaja.

Trade blockade of the occupied territories should be held under the auspices of the state, is convinced people’s Deputy Yuri Birch. He said this in the «Evening Prime» to «112 Ukraine».

«Unfortunately, not enough today, not enough of these dobrobatov (battalions of the interior Ministry and national guard — ed.) if they oryginalne, they will not cover all the trails. It is a matter of state, the business of the SBU. The security we now have is not what it was in the 2013-14 year, this is a really special service that is capable of… And only in interaction with it possible to block all the channels of smuggling,» — said Yuri Birch.

«I want it to be under the auspices of the state… must take the initiative the state and no one else», he said.

We will remind, on December 26, the volunteers announced the blockade of the occupied territories. The former acting chief of staff of the battalion «Aydar» Valentine Liholaja promised not to let metal, coal, wood and industrial consignments of alcohol and cigarettes.

As you know, December 16, fighters of volunteer battalions said that if within seven days, all Ukrainian prisoners will not be released by terrorists, the volunteers will begin a total blockade of the occupied territories.

Tuck the blockade ORDO: the success of the action do not believe the proponents don’t trust 27.12.2016

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