Tuck: «chavs» in the Donbas will not last six months if Putin will remove mercenaries

The head of the Lugansk military-civil administration Georgy Tuka considers the return of the occupied Donbass under the control of Kiev until the end of the year. He said this in an interview ЛІГА.net commenting on the corresponding statement of the President of Petro Poroshenko.

«It’s real. But there are some conditions. Preferably the increasing financial and economic pressure on Russia from the international community,» said Tuka.

«If Putin will cease to Fund the occupied territory and looters will clean out their mercenaries, and preferably also with scrap metal in the form of military equipment, the chavs will last at most three months. Well, a maximum of six months,» he said.

«So it’s absolutely feasible. Moreover, in some occupied districts of Luhansk region of 65-70% of the population is Pro-Ukrainian. Not as bad as us trying to sell this GOP crew,» — said the Fat.

On the question whether there is an alternative to the Minsk agreements, the head of the Luhansk region said, «Frankly, I think not. You can only change the format, but in the end we will receive the world and return the lost territory of Donetsk and Lugansk exclusively and diplomatic sanctions measures. Not military».

«I’m against military action. This from Ukraine will require a huge financial expenditure, will lead to unnecessary casualties on both sides. And why should us take back what you will need for the means to rebuild?», — added Fat.

At the same time, in his opinion, it is necessary to calculate several scenarios.

«There is no optimism, I do not feel. Even if tomorrow will be signed the super-instrument of the world, this does not apply to real life. Shed a lot of blood, the level of mutual hatred is very high. What to do with it is a difficult question,» said Tuka.

«In my opinion, requires a very powerful police operation using not only military personnel or police and first security services. Their task will be to immediately neutralize the leaders and active participants. This is a very simple matter. Really want to hope that our services have enough power for this operation to», — said the head of the Luhansk region.

According to him, the escalation of the conflict in the ATO area in the last few months – «a show of force ahead of the next stage of the Minsk talks» and provocation to cause a reaction of the Ukrainian military and then blame them in the shelling of peaceful cities.

Tuck also believes that the situation in the Donbass cannot be considered in isolation from, «where a heap of Russia in Syria». He is sure that Russia will not have enough opportunities to wage war on two fronts, especially as resources decline due to sanctions.

We will remind, earlier Poroshenko has said that the restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty over the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions will occur later this year.

Tuck: «chavs» in the Donbas will not last six months if Putin will remove mercenaries 11.02.2016

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