Trump’s plane made an emergency landing

The plane of American billionaire Donald trump, claiming the nomination of the presidential candidate of the Republican party, made an emergency landing at the airport of the American city Nashville (Tennessee) because of problems with the engine, reports the local TV channel the wztv.

The incident occurred at about 17 PM local time. It was confirmed by the representative of the airport of Nashville, zatrudnilisj to name the reason of emergency landing. Later, Federal civil aviation Agency (FAA) said that the plane was American billionaire Boeing 757 has changed its route and landed safely after the crew reported engine problems.

Trump went to a meeting with the Governor of Arkansas by Al Hutchinson. It was assumed that the Governor would meet him at the runway of the airport of little Rock, one meeting was canceled due to technical problems with the plane trump, reports RIA «Novosti».

Specialists FAA are investigating the incident.

TASS reports that after landing, trump moved to another plane and headed to the event in little Rock, late for two hours.

In total, over the nomination of a candidate for US presidents from Republican party politicians vying for nine. Leaders in popularity among them, according to opinion polls, are the trump and his main Challenger Senator from Texas Ted Cruz.

Trump’s plane made an emergency landing 04.02.2016

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