Trump’s conversation with Poroshenko was «cool» — Klimkin

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin called «cool» phone conversation between U.S. President Donald trump and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. He said this live on ICTV on Monday evening.

The Minister said that was present during the dialogue of heads of States.

«This conversation was cool in tone, atmosphere. So, how do you know each other presidents, it is important to me,» said Klimkin, adding that the conversation was meaningful.

According to him, trump was asked «very clear questions»: what happens, why now, to what extent, what impact it has.

«The depth of these questions and desire to understand what is really going on and help, for me, was a very good sign,» added the Minister.

As you know, a phone conversation between trump and Poroshenko took place on February 4.

Klimkin added that the visit of Petro Poroshenko in the United States to be held in the coming weeks.

«The visit will take place in the coming weeks, we are working on the logistics. We need the best way to prepare. But there is a clear agreement on the meeting in the near future,» he said.

The foreign Minister added that he will be soon be visiting Washington.

According to Klimkin, during negotiations in the USA, the Ukrainian delegation, in particular, will discuss with representatives of the new US Administration the implementation of the Minsk agreements and then, «who will be the guarantor of their execution».

Trump’s conversation with Poroshenko was «cool» — Klimkin 07.02.2017

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