Trump won the intra-party elections in another state

In the U.S. state of Nevada passed intra-party elections (Caucus meetings) the presidential candidate from the Republican party. Them overwhelming victory of billionaire Donald trump, who collected 42% of the votes, reports the BBC Russian service.

Trump completed the Caucuses by a large margin of U.S. senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio — about 20 percentage points, reports Reuters. Cruz and Rubio were fighting for the second place: according to preliminary results, the first scored 21% and the second 25%.

In the Caucuses in Nevada was attended by a record number of voters. Nevada became the fourth state where the Republican primary were Republicans, and three of them won Donald trump, only in Iowa he lost to Ted Cruz. Following intra-party elections will be held on «super Tuesday», March 1, when primaries and Caucuses will be held simultaneously in more than ten States.

Trump thanked Nevada for their support in his Facebook.

According to the results of the Caucuses should decide the question of for whom of the candidates will vote by 30 members of Nevada national party on the Republican national Convention in Cleveland (Ohio) on 18-21 July. There will be named the official candidate of the Republicans in the presidential election.

Earlier, White house press Secretary Josh Ernest said that the candidate for the Republican nomination Donald trump can claim to the US presidency after urged to ban the entry of all Muslims.

Trump won the intra-party elections in another state 24.02.2016

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