Trump will not seek incarceration Clinton media

Elected President of the United States of America Donald trump will not seek criminal prosecution of his opponent in the presidential elections Hillary Clinton regarding the allegations of the activities of the Clinton Foundation and use a private mail server, when she served as Secretary of the State Department.

This was stated by former campaign Manager of trump and his current consultant of Kellyann Conway in an interview with MSNBC, Fox News reports, UNIAN.

According to the adviser to trump, if he can her to «help heal wounds», it would be a good thing, despite the fact that Clinton «needs to take into account the fact that the majority of Americans do not consider her honest and trustworthy.»

«I believe that when elected President, who also heads the party … tells you even before the inauguration that he did not want to press charges, this is a very strong message and emotional tone and content,» said Conway.

During the election campaigns was commonplace when supporters trump called «close Clinton in prison.»

Conway also pointed out that can be taken a number of decisions which are considered trump, and which may be different from his campaign rhetoric.

So, earlier, during the second presidential debate trump hinted that he will send Clinton to jail in case of a victory on elections.

Trump criticized Clinton for the removal of 33 thousand e-mails after receiving a writ of summons when she was in public service.

«I never thought that I would talk about it, and I’m going to say this and I am sorry to say this: If I win, I’m going to instruct the attorney General to identify a special Prosecutor to look into your situation, because never have so many lies and so much fraud,» said trump.

Clinton in turn said that not surprised by the words of trump, called all his comments are false and advised Trump to check the facts. At the same time, she said that well, that in the United States at the head of the law is not worth a man with such character, like trump.

In response, trump responded: «Because you would be in jail.»

We also recall that on 7 November, speaking in Florida, the US President Barack Obama has accused trump in an effort to «close a free press, to throw opponents in jail,» allow discrimination against people on grounds of religion.

Trump will not seek incarceration Clinton media 23.11.2016

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