Trump went on a decisive «assault» Clinton: how can she run the country if you can not cope with the post?

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party , Donald trump stated that his opponent for the top post of the country is trying to drag Washington into a military conflict with Russia in Syria which could spill over into a third world war.

The head of the FBI opposed public accusations against Russia of involvement in hacking attacks

«Hillary, stuck in the Washington bubble, where I do not remember the lessons of the past, wants to start in Syria is a real war, enlisting in a conflict with nuclear weapons by Russia, which could drag us into a third world war» — quoted by TASS trump.

According to the billionaire, «the arrogant representatives of political circles never learn» and «repeat the same mistakes, the same false words.» «How can Hillary run the country, if she can’t even handle my mailbox? One catastrophe follows another, one scandal after another, one betrayal after another,» said trump at a meeting with voters.

Clinton, as US Secretary of state, conducted official correspondence, using personal mail server. Authorities were handed almost 30 thousand of these letters. In early July it became known that the FBI, having studied the correspondence and the server Clinton, found no grounds for initiation of criminal proceedings against her.

On Friday, however, the FBI Director , James Comey announced that in the correspondence of Clinton, new materials, and now the bureaus have to perform additional array of its official letters. However, he noted that it is unclear, the important materials they contain, and how long will it take the investigation.

The newspaper the New York Times, in turn, found that the investigation was reopened after the FBI discovered emails concerning assistant Clinton — Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner. What messages is it is not yet clear.

Clinton herself called the decision «not just strange» and «unprecedented» because it was a few days before the election the Director of the FBI without any explanation.

«Here there is no case,» said former first lady of the country. While Clinton referring to the American special services have accused Russia of cyber attacks on the United States. In addition, it has also attracted the attention of Americans to a «very warm» relations with the Kremlin trump.

«8 days before the presidential election trump must immediately reveal all his ties with the Kremlin and Russian authorities,» — said the former U.S. Secretary of state.

Simultaneously, the White house declined to comment on the merits of the decision of the FBI to reopen the investigation around the leak of the official correspondence of Clinton. «I will neither defend nor criticize what FBI Director James Comey has decided to inform the public about the investigation,» — said the press Secretary of the US President Josh Ernest.

He explained that «I do not know how to take these decisions, what factors were taken into account». According to him, the decision «not consistent» with the White house, and none of the White house staff «knows their motive». Even the White house is «trying to scrupulously avoid even the appearance of interference» in the activities of U.S. law enforcement, said Ernest.

The head of the FBI opposed public accusations against Russia of involvement in hacking attacks

A former employee of the FBI in an interview with CNBC said that Komi advocated that the government did not accuse Russia of involvement in hacking attacks on the servers of the Democratic party.

According to the interlocutor of the channel, the Komi believed that the mention of Russia in this context can influence the election campaign in the United States.

However, on 7 October issued a joint statement of the Ministry of national security and the office of the Director of National intelligence James Clapperstating that the hacking was done from servers that are operated by the Russian company.

Komi was proposed to restrict the formulation that «another state was trying to undermine the election,» and not to mention Russia. The head of the FBI also tried to ensure that power is not attributed to Moscow’s involvement in the cyber attacks.

In turn, The New York Times, citing its own sources reported that the FBI still has not found a convincing or direct evidence of the ties of the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump with the Russian government.

FBI throughout the summer, led the investigation in several directions, trying to find the relationship of the tramp with Russian business, but also his advisers. In addition, were searching for those involved in the hacking of the servers of the Democratic party.

However, in this issue of the FBI and intelligence believe that the purpose of hacking servers was to elect trump President, and disruption of the presidential elections at all.

Before it became known that the advantage of Clinton before trump was reduced to 2%. The vote at the next election of the American President will take place next Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

For the first time in the history of the American electoral system trump has already stated that it can not recognize the results of the victory of Clinton.

According to some observers from the United States, the Kremlin is preparing something like the «color revolution» in support of the Pro-Russian candidate trump.

It is worth noting that after trump allowed himself to aggressive remarks against the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan and other senior party members, the Republican party started the campaign on the publicity of the candidate.

Former U.S. Secretary of state, member of the Republican party , Condoleezza rice, said that Trump should withdraw his candidacy from the presidential election. «Enough! Trump should not be President. He should withdraw his candidacy. As a Republican, I hope to support someone who has dignity and a level to run for the top job in the most powerful democracy of the world,» said rice.

For the candidate from the Republican party, Donald trump also will not vote a longtime supporter of Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Urging Republicans not to vote for the odious trump made the current President of the United States Barack Obama.

Trump went on a decisive «assault» Clinton: how can she run the country if you can not cope with the post? 01.11.2016

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