Trump was named head of White house administration of the Raines of Primus and refused from the presidential salary

The new head of the White house during the administration of Donald trump will be Pribus Raines, head of the National Committee of the Republican party. It is reported by CNN.

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Trump urged citizens not to be afraid of him

The position of the chief adviser of the new President will get Steve Bannon, who led the election campaign trump.

In a statement, trump stated that Primus and’bannon worked effectively during the electoral campaign, and their strategy led to the victory.

«Now we will work together in the White house to make America great,» said the President-elect.

Primus is one of the most long-standing chairmen of the Republican party and is popular among party members. Largely attributed to him the merit of the RDR, which resulted in the nomination of trump as a presidential candidate of the United States.

Bannon is a former naval officer of the fleet and investment banker Goldman Sachs. He joined the Trump in August, once by Paul Manafort was fired from the post of campaign Manager.

In addition, trump said in an interview with CBS television that he would refuse wages, laid the head of state.

In the program «60 minutes» anchorwoman asked Trump question whether he is going to receive a presidential salary. «I never commented about this, but my answer is no. I think by law I have to accept one dollar, so I’ll get a dollar a year,» he said.

Leading reminded that trump refuses to 400 thousand dollars a year, the billionaire said that he still will not get paid.

According to the magazine Forbes, published in September, as Donald trump is currently $ 3.7 billion. Compared to the previous year it had declined to $ 800 million, but still impressive. As notes TASS, trump is not the first among the presidents of the United States refuses to wage. Before him in the same way did John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover.

In the interview trump also urged unhappy with his election to stop the protests, and its supporters — not to attack the representatives of Latin America and Muslims.

Trump urged citizens not to be afraid of him

Donald trump called on their opponents, who in recent days participated in the mass demonstrations across the country, «be not afraid» and «give him time». This statement trump made in an interview with CBS, writes

Trump has condemned any attacks — verbal and physical — on members of minorities, which were recorded after the announcement of his victory in the presidential election.

«If it helps, I will say this, and say it right in camera: stop that,» said trump.

He also made it clear that he is not going to go against the legalization of gay marriage, a decision which was taken by the Supreme court of the United States.

«This issue has been resolved,» said trump, noting that for him personally it «right.»

In other socio-political issues trump announced his conservative positions. For the vacant post in the Supreme court he will present only those candidates who favour the right to own guns and against abortion.

As reported, trump has also declared its intention to expel nearly three million illegal immigrants and to build on some parts of the border with Mexico a wall or fence.

Trump was named head of White house administration of the Raines of Primus and refused from the presidential salary 14.11.2016

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