Trump voiced their priorities. The Republican leadership of Congress rather meet him

Donald trump called on Thursday the main priorities of his administration, focused mainly on solving domestic problems in the United States.

With the corresponding statement he made Thursday after meeting in the Capitol, reports the correspondent of UKRINFORM.

The Republican leadership of Congress rather talks with trump

«We’re going to pay a lot of attention for immigration on the border, we are very carefully going to look at the health sector, and for jobs,» trump listed the priorities for their future study.

However, he did not go into the question of the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico or deportation of illegal migrants. «We have a lot of priorities, a lot of really big priorities. People will be very happy,» — said us President-elect.

Trump broke off a meeting with reporters when he was asked a direct question about his promise to ban the entry of all Muslims. He replied «thank you» and left the meeting with journalists.

The Washington Post reports that the proposal by Donald trump to prohibit the entry of the Muslims made during the election campaign have disappeared from its website on 8 November, the day of the vote, and appeared again on 10 November.

In December 2015, after the shooting in San Bernardino that killed 14 people, trump called Muslims «a threat to the United States» and called for a ban on them entering the country. The words of billionaire caused a wave of criticism in the media and social networks. Later, the supporters trump said that it was not about all Muslims, and radical Islamists trying to enter the United States.

On election day, the attempt to enter this and other scandalous message of the candidate is forwarded to the main page with the campaign banner «We showed America that the silent majority is no longer silent». On Thursday, after 12 hours, the forwarding is stopped.

Recall, 10 November the leader of the USA Barack Obama held a meeting with trump and called it «a great conversation». «I’m interested in the fact that the team elected President of the trump was willing to work with my team on many issues facing our country. I believe that regardless of party affiliation or political views, we stand together in order to deal with the challenges we face,» added the US President.

In turn, as stated by trump, he looks forward to working with Obama.

At the same time, according to us media reports, U.S. intelligence agencies are in tension and fear of the report of classified information Trump. «It’s the fear of the unknown. We don’t know what it is, apart from all these conversations. How things will unfold in the next four years or even in the next few months?», — said a senior U.S. intelligence on the condition of anonymity.

The Republican leadership of Congress rather talks with trump

Speaker of the house of representatives of the us Congress Republican Paul Ryan expressed satisfaction with the negotiations with the elected President of the United States Donald trump.

He stated this on Thursday right after a meeting in Congress.

«We had a fantastically productive meeting about how to get to work, roll up our sleeves and work for the American people. Donald trump has won one of the most impressive victories that we have ever seen, and we’re going to turn this victory into progress for the American people» — quoted by Ryan ABC News.

After a meeting with speaker of the house of representatives trump held talks with the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell. The Senator, for his part, confirmed the readiness to work together.

Speaking afterwards, the President-elect noted that the priority areas of his administration will be health care and immigration.

It is reported that Donald trump arrived at the meeting together with the Vice President of his team’s Mike Pence and wife Melania with.

Trump voiced their priorities. The Republican leadership of Congress rather meet him 11.11.2016

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