Trump took the oath and became President of the United States. Said that returns power to the people

Donald trump, who won the presidential election in November 2016, on Friday laid a solemn oath and received formal credentials 45 President of the United States.

The ceremony took place on Friday 20 January 2017 on the stairs of the West wing of the Capitol, reports «UKRINFORM».

Inaugural address of trump: power to the people, America’s greatness
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«I, Donald trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and to do everything in my power to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States» — read the words of the oath, the new President of the United States.

Along with him were sworn, Vice-President Mike Pence, who also participated and won in the elections together with trump. According to tradition, he went through this procedure first.

The ceremony was accompanied by performances of other American officials, priests, and singing by the chamber choir. On the podium together with the new head of the United States was also attended by the current powers of the President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, family members of top officials and other dignitaries.

As reported, Barack Obama on Wednesday, 19 January 2016, held its last press conference as President of the United States, and on 11 January made in Chicago with a farewell speech to the Americans. In his speech Obama as positive change said the nuclear deal with Iran and progress in the fight against terrorism. He also expressed confidence that opponents like Russia and China will not be able «to deal with America’s influence in the world.»

The first solemn event dedicated to the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump, began in Washington on January 19. Note, more than 50 congressmen have said they will boycott the inauguration of the trump.

We will remind, on November 9 in the US presidential elections the Republican candidate Donald trump scored 279 electoral votes. Hillary Clinton has received 218 votes. Thus, it is trump became the new President of the United States.

Inaugural address of trump: power to the people, America’s greatness

The President of the United States Donald trump in his inaugural speech promised to return America to greatness.

On Friday January 20, reports «Censor.NO.»

«We now return power to the people, which for too long held politicians in Washington, he said. — Too long a small group of politicians in Washington has flourished, while the people suffered. The establishment defended itself, and not the people. Their victories were not your victories, triumphs, your triumphs. Poor family suffered. I swear, this will change. This moment — your right. No matter that now one party after another. It is important that January 20, 2017 is the day when people once again became rulers of their country. They will never allow to forget about themselves and not to be reckoned with,» said trump, reiterating that now the voices of average Americans are heard.

«For many decades, foreign industry enriched at the expense of American. America subsidized the armies of other States, allowing their army to decline. We protect the borders of other States, refusing to defend their own. And we have spent many trillions of dollars abroad, while the infrastructure of America has fallen into decay and desolation,» said the US President.

«From this day on, our land will manage one vision, one principle: America first. America first! Together we will get America back to power… wealth… pride security. And, Yes, together we will get America back to greatness!» said trump.

The assistant is elected President of the USA Kellin Conway said that Donald trump will present himself as «a man of action who wants to unite the country» in his inaugural speech. She told reporters that trump’s speech to the nation will be «elegant, beautiful, powerful, and short.» She noted that the appeal will be short, adding that trump is «a man of action, not words, and you’ll hear it tomorrow.»

Conway stressed that the trump was preparing notes under the influence of the inaugural addresses of former presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

Trump took the oath and became President of the United States. Said that returns power to the people 21.01.2017

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