Trump supports Turkey as a NATO member and plans to increase funding for the U.S. army

The President of the United States Donald trump held a telephone conversation with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This is with reference to the White house according to Reuters.

During the conversation the tramp said the support of Turkey as a strategic partner and ally of NATO, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

Speaking about the relations between the two countries, trump welcomed Turkey’s contribution to the fight against the terrorist organization ISIS. The sides also discussed «the common commitment in the fight against terrorism in all its manifestations.»

Donald trump intends to significantly increase funding of the armed forces. This was announced at a press briefing, White house spokesman Sean Spicer, the Interfax-Ukraine.

«The President has announced plans to make historic investments in the armed forces of the United States, showing the world that America supports those who are there to protect freedom. As he said many times before, the armed forces are at the centre of our fight against radical Islamic terrorism, and we must protect those who protect us,» said Spicer.

Before trump had a meeting with representatives of the Central command, and Command of special operations forces. The meeting was held at a U.S. air force base «MacDill».

Earlier it was reported that the Afghan Taliban have urged trump to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. In a statement the site of the Taliban’s open letter, the authenticity of which was confirmed on January 23 the intelligence community SITE, the militants say Trump, though the United States lost credibility after he spent billions of dollars on a 15-year-old conflict that has no end in the foreseeable future.

Trump supports Turkey as a NATO member and plans to increase funding for the U.S. army 08.02.2017

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