Trump said that the us military «very soon» leave Syria

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the completion of the military operation in Syria to fight with terrorists of the «Islamic state». He stated on March 29, speaking in Richfield (Ohio), told Politico.

According to him, the us military now «to knock the wind out of ISIS», but «will soon be gone from Syria.» Trump thinks it’s time to «let other people care» about the situation in Syria.

The US President stressed that the U.S. military should «return to their country to which they belong, and where you want to be.»

The newspaper the New York Times in December of 2017, wrote that in Syria there are about 2 thousand of the us military.

The war in Syria lasts since 2011. The fighting involved government forces, the opposition, radical Islamists, Kurds and the militants of the «Islamic state».

In September 2014 operation start against ISIL coalition led by the United States. In September 2015 the conflict in Syria has joined Russia in August 2016 – Turkey.

Trump said that the us military «very soon» leave Syria 30.03.2018

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