Trump said that the US «fully prepared» for a military option with North Korea, but it is not a priority

The US is completely ready for a military solution with North Korea, but it is not a priority. This at a press conference at the White house on September 26 said the US President Donald trump, according to Reuters.

According to him, the US is completely ready for the «second embodiment», the military, and if I have to use it, it will be «devastating» for the DPRK.

Since 2006, North Korea has produced six nuclear weapons tests. Last September 3 of this year. Over the past two months she has conducted several ballistic missiles.

The UN Security Council on 11 September adopted a resolution on toughening of sanctions against North Korea by selecting the ban on exports of North Korean textiles as well as hard limits on supply the country of petroleum products, particularly crude oil and condensates.

On 19 September at the UN General Assembly, U.S. President Donald trump said that the US has the power and patience, but if you need to defend yourself, «there will be no choice but to completely destroy North Korea.»

DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN has called trump’s speech at the General Assembly session «schizophrenic seizure» and stated that «crazy American man will certainly tame the fire.» In response, trump called Kim Jong UN «crazy».

24 Sep Lee Yong-Ho during his speech at the UN General Assembly said that after trump insulted Kim Jong UN, a missile attack by the DPRK, the United States is inevitable.

He also described the harsh statements of Washington as a Declaration of war to his country.

On 25 September the speaker of the house Sarah Sanders stressed that the United States did not declare war on North Korea.

The Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the U.S. army Joseph Dunford on 26 September stated that the US does not have information about the large-scale training of the North Korean army to military action.

Trump said that the US «fully prepared» for a military option with North Korea, but it is not a priority 27.09.2017

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