Trump said that the US does not need immigrants from the «dirty holes»

On 11 January, US President Donald trump during a meeting with congressmen at the White house said that the United States does not need immigrants from the «dirty holes», reported the Washington Post, citing multiple sources.

It is noted that discussed a bipartisan agreement on the protection of migrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries.

«Why are all these people out of dirty holes come here?» – quoted reaction to trump the sources.

He added that the United States needs more migrants from countries such as Norway. Prime Minister Erna Solberg tramp was found on Wednesday. He also said that he agrees to the adoption by States of a greater number of migrants from Asian countries as they economically help the country, said the sources.

According to them, the President has identified Haiti, stating that the inhabitants of the country should be excluded from any agreement on this issue.

The sources said that the Congress was stunned by trump.

First Deputy press Secretary of the White house Raj Shah made a statement in which he supported the position of the trump in the issue of immigration. The words of «dirty holes» he commented.

Shah said that «some Washington politicians prefer to fight over someone else’s country, but President trump will always fight for the American people.» He added that, «like other countries, has immigration based on merit, President trump is fighting for permanent solutions that strengthen our country, while welcoming those who can contribute to our society, develop our economy and to assimilate to our great nation.»

27 Jan 2017 trump has signed a decree which imposed «extremely strict measures of verification» for people coming into the country. He was banned entry to the US citizens of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan. Trump noted that the decree is not directed against Muslims. February 4 the Federal court in Seattle (Washington) suspended the decree.

March 6, trump signed a new immigration Ordinance, under which Iraq was excluded from the list of seven countries whose nationals are denied entry into the United States. Entry to citizens of Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan had to prohibit for 90 days. It also blocked, but the US Supreme court on 5 December allowed the application of the decree.

In April, trump said that his administration «inherited a full-blown crisis on the border – and it was a disaster.» He added that the immigration service began operation to expulsion from the U.S. of illegal immigrants who have committed any offence.

Trump said that the US does not need immigrants from the «dirty holes» 12.01.2018

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