Trump said that millions of votes in the elections in the US were illegal

The newly elected President of the United States Donald trump said that during the voting in the elections «millions of people voted illegally.» About this trump said in his Twitter account, reacting to the intentions of the team of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to recount the votes in three States, writes «Ukrainian truth».

«In addition to the fact that I won with advantage in the vote of the electors, I won the votes, even if not to take into account those that had been given illegally,» said trump.

«Nothing will change,» he said, referring to the futility of the recount.

However, he protested the lack of information in the media about the «serious fraud in the elections in Virginia, new Hampshire and California» and noted that «the shift is a big problem».

Trump also recalled that Hillary Clinton recognized the elections when I called him shortly before the official presentation of the trump after his victory was announced.

«She said, «We must accept the results and look to the future, Donald trump should be our President. We have to open up and give him a chance to lead us»… So a lot of time and money will be spent for the same result (confirmation of victory trump after a recalculation, – ed.). Sad,» trump added.

We will remind, during election campaign, trump said that U.S. elections are regularly held with numerous violations, some people vote in several States.

Hillary Clinton minimally lost to Donald Trump in the States of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and in Michigan, while ahead of trump on the number of votes of the voters: Clinton advantage over trump made 2 million votes.
However, the system of elections of the President of the United States does not provide for a direct vote.

Voters vote for electors who support one of the candidates: trump scored 306 votes of the electors at necessary 270 to win, Clinton – 232.

Campaign Hillary Clinton intends to support the initiative of the green Party regarding a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Trump the requests of the green Party recount, and called a «fraud».

Trump said that millions of votes in the elections in the US were illegal 28.11.2016

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