Trump said that leave your business for presidency

The newly elected President of the United States Donald trump said that «completely» leave your business in order to focus on governing the state.

About it he wrote on Wednesday November 30, on his Twitter page.

«I will hold a big press conference with my kids on December 15 to discuss the fact that I completely left his big business to concentrate fully on running the country, to make America great again,» said trump.

The newly elected President emphasized in his message that it is currently preparing the legal documents that will enable his commercial activities.

«While I am not authorized to do so by law, I feel that for the President it is extremely important not to have conflict of interests with their businesses. In this regard, preparing legal documents, which completely freaks me out commercial activities. The presidency is a much more important task,» he added.

As reported, in November, trump said that they will refuse to wage, laid the head of state.

According to the magazine Forbes, published in September, as Donald trump is currently $ 3.7 billion. Compared to the previous year it had declined to $ 800 million, but still impressive.

Earlier Western media reported that the trump Foundation received a contribution of 150 thousand dollars from the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk Foundation in exchange for Donald’s speech about Ukraine in 2015, which poses the same questions that have created problems for Hillary Clinton.

Trump said that leave your business for presidency 30.11.2016

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