Trump said that he has «very good relations» with Kim Jong-UN

The US President Donald trump said that he has «very good relations» with the DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN. The head of the White house said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, which was published January 11.

Trump refused to answer the question, did he ever head of North Korea, saying that «is just not going to comment on it».

According to the President of the United States, tweets, in which he spoke disparagingly about Kim Chen Yne is part of a larger strategy. Trump admitted that it «happens so often: if someone becomes my best friend.»

The us President assured that he can cite dozens of similar examples, and called himself «a very flexible man.»

Since 2006, North Korea fired six nuclear weapon tests and tens of launches of ballistic missiles. 29 November 2017, North Korea conducted a launch of an Intercontinental ballistic missile of a new type «And 15». According to Kim Jong-UN, it is the culmination of the process of creating a «state of nuclear forces» of the DPRK.

On 22 December the UN Security Council on the initiative of the delegation of the United States expanded sanctions against the DPRK.

December 31, Kim Jong-UN stated that North Korea is ready to send a delegation to participate in the winter Olympics, which will take place from 9th February to 25th February in South Korea’s Pyeongchang.

3 January 2017, he ordered the resumption of a hot line with South Korea. On the same day, representatives of the two countries held telephone talks.

9 January 2017 in the village of Panmunjom located in the demilitarized zone on the border between North and South Korea, for the first time in 2015 held the diplomatic negotiations between representatives of the two countries.

The North Korean side has confirmed its willingness to participate in the Olympics.. Korean diplomats proposed that the athletes of both countries came together at the opening ceremony and closing of Games.

On 10 January the President of South Korea, moon Jae In stated willingness to meet with Kim Jong Inom.

On the same day trump during a telephone conversation with moon Jae Otherwise «expressed its openness» to the talks held between the USA and the DPRK «at an appropriate time, under the right circumstances».

Trump said that he has «very good relations» with Kim Jong-UN 12.01.2018

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