Trump said Putin that the USA will win the arms race with Russia – media

The President of the United States Donald trump during a telephone conversation with President of Russia Vladimir Putin after the elections in Russia said that the United States will win the arms race between the two countries, reported on March 30, NBC News, citing senior officials.

March 20, trump told Putin that «if you want an arms race, we can do it, but I will win.»

The American President also expressed hope that Putin’s words about the new weapon was only campaign rhetoric.

According to one U.S. official, the statement of the Russian President on new weapons systems in Russia and video demonstration of this weapon is «really ticked off» trump.

The interlocutors also reported that trump had offered Putin a personal meeting during a telephone conversation. However, advisers of the American leader on national security, told NBC News that trump «offers a meeting during almost all their conversations with foreign leaders as a formal routine».

On 20 March, the President of the United States Donald trump congratulated Russian leader Vladimir Putin on his re-election, the parties discussed bilateral relations, reported the press service of the White house.

March 1, 2018, during his address to the Federal Assembly, Putin said that Russia has developed a new hypersonic weapon. Also, according to the head of the Kremlin, has already begun mass production of the new missile complex «Avangard» and testing of heavy Intercontinental ballistic missiles «Sarmat», which will feature «a wide range of nuclear weapons». The Russian President told including the development of cruise missiles with nuclear power and «virtually unlimited range» which is so far untitled, but was checked at the site in late 2017.

During Putin’s speech showed a video with a trial missile launches and animations modelling the conditional defeat of the purposes.

Trump said Putin that the USA will win the arms race with Russia – media 30.03.2018

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