Trump said may, not will arrive in the UK until he is satisfied that there is good will take

The US President Donald trump said Prime Minister Theresa may, that will not come to Britain until he is satisfied that there is good will, reports the newspaper The Sun with reference to high-ranking officials who have seen the transcript of their conversation.

The American President reportedly said that recent coverage of his activities in the British media was not positive what the British Prime Minister replied: «Well, you know what it is, the British press».

He added that it still wants to come to London, but not in a hurry, the newspaper writes. He noted that if may be able to rectify the situation, it «everything is much easier», the report said. The President allegedly said that he would come only when it is know that the reception will be better than it could be now.

According to the source, trump said that not agree on the date of the visit, while his arrival will not support people.

Last time tramp and Mae was found July 8 – during the G20 summit in Hamburg. Then the American President said that he was going to go to London, noting that the parties agree on the visit. He also said that the U.S. is working «very powerful» trade agreement with Britain.

The British protested against the visit of the American President shortly after his inauguration and the recent reports of trump’s intention to visit the capital of the United Kingdom. 29 January 2017 in the UK has launched a petition against the admission of the White house Queen. The petition States that «the misogyny and vulgarity of trump deprive him of the right to be taken» by Queen Elizabeth II or other members of the Royal family.

On 14 February, British authorities rejected an online petition. 19 Feb the mayor of London Sadiq Khan also urged to cancel the visit trump in the UK.

On 11 June The Guardian wrote that trump cancelled a visit to London because of the protests of the British. Later in the office of the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may has denied the report.

Trump said may, not will arrive in the UK until he is satisfied that there is good will take 16.07.2017

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